The Creative Thought Process



If this weren’t light blue, I’d buy it.


I need some shirt design help. I’m not planning on entering this design here(unless by chance there’s a welding-themed derby), but I’d like to make a stencil so I could make a few shirts for my friends and myself. This is the basic design:

I’d like to re-do it so it’s cleaner and generally looks more like the stuff seen here, not something cobbled together from stuff on Google Images. Anyone want to help?


I like it, but it might be too girly…


Congrats are in order for fable, I do believe


Love the design, congratulations to the artist. However it’s not my style. I think this would make a cool poster or something along those lines… None the less, congratz!


I wish the blue was a darker shade…



Take that Wrench-fetishists!


GAH!! Cool art work, but baby blue?? NOOOOOOOOOOooooooo…!!!


That color scares me. Let’s shoot for earthtones or navy blue, peeps!


Real men wear Baby Blue.


I love this shirt!!! I just want to hug that little squiddy


i like the design, but wouldn’t ever wear it.





got one!


in for one, thanks woot


Too cutesy for me. Night.


I love this shirt. i don’t really care about colors :smiley:


YAY!! This was my favorite of the Derby shirts… wish it placed higher so I wouldn’t have stayed up so late yesterday and Thursday nights… Great shirt. I’m looking forward to wearing it.


Cool shirt, I would buy but the shirt color is wrong
baby blue is for babies not me

pass woot