The Crusher Big Orange Mix (3)

The Crusher Orange Mix 3-Pack
$49.99 $̶7̶1̶.̶0̶0̶ 30% off List Price
2012 The Crusher Big Orange Chardonnay & Viognier Blend
2012 The Crusher Big Orange Chardonnay
2012 The Crusher Big Orange Viognier
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Previous offer:

Finally got into the Crusher game…

New vintage. I hope someone can compare and contrast to the prior two vintages offered here.

PS. I missed out on the 2010. The 2011 was disappointing based on the community feedback for the 2010, but still enjoyable as an under-$20 white – more so if imbibed at “cellar” temperature rather than straight from the fridge.

Roll on, Big-O!


No way. I’ve been waiting for this since the last offering. In fact, i literally just brought up my 2 bottles upstairs to my room to stash them in the closet (they were stored in the family booze cabinet, now they are in my personal collection).

Money is tight right now but i’m in.

Edit: Seems like i missed the 2011 vintage actually, i never noticed :stuck_out_tongue: well in for this new one.

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My goodness - first the Iron Horse, and the Twisted Oak offers last week…and now this…all with NH shipping. Woot you are killing me here, in for one! :wink:

Lawsons!!! The things we remember from childhood…

Thanks for that nostalgic moment! I have no idea why, but we find ourselves singing that little ditty occasionally. I’m sure I will be for the rest of today.

Finally in. I’ve been waiting since 2011 to try this. Seems to have reached almost legendary Wine.Woot! status. Really looking forward to it,

Good Grief Woot… Do you take joy from being unmerciful? Just after I bought yesterday’s feature to satisfy SWMBO’s need to quench summer thirst, you bring out the Crusher, SWMBO’s all-time favorite. That’s simply cruel.

Where’s my Petite Syrah?

I was VERY happy with the '10 and disappointed in the '11. Anyone out there able to compare the two with this current release?

The 2010 to me had great structure and the 2011 was flabby IMO. Just to add a very broad note.

These guys out-grew Ohio distribution laws. No big deal though, at $20 per bottle shipped, not seeing the value here.

This offer is actually for three different wines: chardonnay, viognier, and a blend of the two. Prior offers were just the blend IIRC.

I bought the 2010 Crusher. I passed on the 2011 and I will be passing on this, too.

The wine does look very orange in the glass, apparently due to the fact that the seeds/skins are not removed until after fermentation has begun. For some folks, that’s enough…

This wine is on the sweet end for a white wine. The nose was slightly muted, with some floral notes. There’s some complexity, but for me the sweetness was overwhelming. It’s not nearly as sweet as an Ethiopian honey-wine, but in terms of flavor, color, and texture this is as close to that as I’ve found (yet still made from grapes).

Originally priced at $15 a bottle (plus shipping), I thought these were an interesting purchase at the time, fairly priced. At any more than that, I’m not a fan.

Ta da!

Either I’m just lucky (which I find unlikely, given current events), or someone connected my whining about how I missed the old days of lab rattage with my shameless pandering to the Sebastiani guys and their wonderful variety of offerings.

No golden ticket (hell, FedEx didn’t even call like they normally do, which turned into a fiasco that would have been humorous if it were not for the fact that it concerned wine wandering around unprotected in this South Texas heat), but I was the recipient of a (free) (unanticipated) bottle of the 2012 Big Orange Chardonnay/Viognier blend on Friday, June the 14th. Please note that I thought about buying The Crusher Big Orange Viognier too long last year and it ran out. I did buy the Old World Orange Pinot Gris, which I found nice, but too sweet for my taste.

My husband and I drank it last night while preparing and eating dinner. The bottle had been in the fridge since its arrival on Friday afternoon, just over 48 hours.

PNP, nice light orange color, not as dark as the Old World. Husband immediately stated that the wine was OXIDIZED and I had to explain the process to him; he was mollified when it passed the sniff test. Anyway, swirling and sniffing produced pear and melon and minerals for me and he wanted to say citrus notes but was afraid he was being influenced by the color.
First sip me: toasty, general tropical fruit, possibly pineapple?, minerals. First sip him: not much identifiable.
Of course, it’s too cold.

Over the next couple of hours, it evolved quite a bit… the wine got notably more viscous and developed a lovely mouthfeel with some tannins apparent. More minerals emerged, along with lots of stone fruit… apricot/peach/nectarine… still retains some citrusy notes that I was thinking were reminiscent of lemon marmalade.

Now for the bad news… while I recognize that we were drinking it a bit young, and that its short childhood contained more abuse than wines should be subjected to, I wasn’t as pleased with it as I expected. The wine seemed to be lacking in acidity to me. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it “flabby”, but it was suffering from the lack of refined structure a little bit lower pH would have given it. It was yummy, but not the apparition of total divinity that I was expecting. I also trend towards the spectrum of limited oak and partial-to-no malo, so maybe this wasn’t my cup of tea.

I’m a big Viognier hound, so maybe it can be blamed on the Chardonnay blended in, I dunno - I only got the one bottle, not the entire spectrum (there I go, whining about only getting one bottle ; ).
I did buy The Crusher Rose for Valentine’s Day a few years ago and found that to be a lovely bottle, bright and complex and mouthwatering.

Anyway, I glowed all weekend in anticipation of opening this wonderful present, and I thank the powers that be, whoever they are and whyever they chose me.

I did read the description, and while I may not have communicated it well, I was looking for any comparison from the previous offers to the current. Whether that be 1 wine or 6 wines. Understanding that only the blend is a direct comparison, I feel like the others are comparable since they are in the blend (maybe I am way off here).

Monday morning may have caused me to assume too much in the first post. Hopefully this can clarify.

Are you sure you are talking about the same wine? The 2010 was dry as can be, no perceivable RS. I haven’t had the 2011, but based on your statement, you haven’t either. Just have no idea where you are getting the sweetness from.

Reading notes, looking at past offers and purchases, my less foggy mind today sorted out that this is indeed a 2012 release we’ve not had before. the previous offer link is for the 2011 and that links to the 2010 sellout that had us all excited.

I really enjoyed the '10, and sadly only have a single bottle left, as Klez got it’s only remaining mate in a trade. Delightfully complex and interesting vintage.

Based on the '10, the 2011 was an autobuy for me, albeit a bit disappointing. Had I not still had some '10 to taste along side the '11, I would have blamed failing memory for my like of the '10; the '11 just didn’t live up to it. While still the same basic wine, complexity was down as was apparent acidity, a thinner mouth and a just a bit of a disappointment.

Now we have yet another offer, but this time it’s not even all the original Wilson Orange Crusher we raved about. now we have but a single bottle, and one each of it’s components; an interesting change, yes. The single TN we now have suggests this is more in the style of the, for me, rather disappointing '11.

I’ve tried other Crusher bottles since the first Wilson we had here. A couple Rosé of Pinot Noir purchased locally I found to be decent simple commercial bottles, and a PS that came in the Lucky-7 mix from Nov 2012 I would like to get more of.
And the UAP, nice bottle that, and we just opened one at Kyle’s over the weekend.

Gonna need a firm shove on this mix given the one meh review and it’s only a single bottle, the other are single varietal Chard and Vio’s. Bring 'em on.

I’ll echo North’s question, are you speaking here of the 2012 blend in today’s offering?
Did you taste from a bottle found locally or received from a friend?