The Crusher Orange Mix (6)

Bought these last time… perfect summer wines!

$84.99 Last time around.

Are these still drinking well? Do they have a lot of life in them? I am about to put a down payment on a house, so I hope these don’t get answered before the sell out… :expressionless:

The Crusher Orange Mix 6-Pack - $59.99
2012 Crusher The Big Orange Chardonnay & Viognier Blend 750ml 2-Pack
2012 Crusher The Big Orange Chardonnay 750ml 2-Pack
2012 Crusher The Big Orange Viognier 750ml 2-Pack

Bought these the last time they were offered and payed $10 more. Enjoyed all three and I’m sure they will hold up fine through the summer.

I got 6 Crusher rose pinot noir from WineWoot! in 2012. They were close to undrinkable then and still are now. I’ve got one bottle left that I’ll try this summer.

Last offered 12/31/13 at the same price.

The crusher mix that I purchased last time had an unpleasant whang to it that I did not enjoy at all. They are relegated to the “cooking wine” rack that is for when I am desparate and don’t want to use my better wines to cook with.