The Crusher

I also rather liked the '10 over the '11. Was the winemaker mentioned in woot threads I need to go back and review? OTOH, I could get this and complete a 3-year vertical for Klez and I.

Not a state they can ship to?

Kudos to the flexibility of size offers. I appreciate the “buy 3 or 6 or 12” options, and the price savings that go with them as you up your order.


I know a few of us mentioned this a while back and it’s good to see WD listens to his customers. Unfortunately, I did not like the '11 I ordered previously but having these many options in the future will make it easier for me to hit the yellow button for a wine a like.

I never had the 2010 but did not care for the 2011 much. Maybe of my style. Anyway, I believe the winemaker has been the same for all three vintages. That being said, I have a STRONG feeling that Sebastian and Sons saw the enormous response to the first Orange wine and upped production as well as the varietals in order to up their profit. Unfortunately, the quality and uniqueness of the Big Orange went down. Fast.

2010 was a different winemaker and seemingly very different stylistic approach.

Sad they changed, that 2010 was quite tasty. And to think, I actually parted with a bottle for Klez before I tried the 2011. Wonder if he still has it?
If anybody out here does pick up the 2012, I’d like a bottle or two so we can have a 3-year tasting some day.

Would love some feedback from WD or the winemaker as to the style of the 2012’s…a little bit of info and I could easily pull the trigger on a case+

2010 - Winemaker Michelle McClendon
2011 - Winemaker Gloria Mercado-Martin
2012 - Winemaker Gloria Mercado-Martin

The 2011 style seems very different from the 2010. And the orange color of the 2010 is just beautiful, and it has nice body too.

I’m convinced. Between this and shipping to the FedEx facility, I can’t help but to stock up!

Hi, sorry for the delay, i’m trying to hail the winemaker. stay tuned.

Hello, everyone!

My name is Gloria Mercado-Martin, and I make the white (and the orange) wines at Don Sebastiani & Sons.

There were stylistic and seasonal differences between the 2011 and 2012 Orange wines. The 2011s were made in T-bins (big square plastic containers that hold ~ 1 ton of fruit), and the caps were manually punched down. In 2012, I fermented the wines in 10-ton stainless steel tanks, and the caps were pumped over. Perhaps because of the difference in cap management, as well as the temperature control achieved in the tanks, I find the 2012 Orange wines very expressive and varietal. It is also true that 2011 was a challenging harvest, because of the bad weather earlier in the season and the unusually cool summer. From a weather standpoint, I can’t think of a more perfect harvest than 2012.


I really enjoyed the flavor profile of the 2011 offering, I guess I like the butterscotch, almond and plastic influences:) I did not sample the 2010, only the 2012.

I picked up the vertical last time (previous discussion linked below). Pick one of the three and I’ll drink it tonight and leave notes.

It got late so I went with the blend(2012). It had an earthy nose (oddly enough) when first poured. Instantly sweet but also somehow kind of dry, it fluctuated from tart fruit to rather sweet, including a moment or two of cotton candy. It lingers. Like, a really lot.

Time in the glass did it few favors, it just tasted a bit more like a white, so I do suggest pouring small and drinking, not pouring big and sipping. It is definitely more enjoyable than the 2011, though I did like that one too (didn’t have a 2010, sold out before I woke up)…


Can you compare this offering to the initial 2010 we all so much enjoyed? After the '11, I’m a bit hesitant on the '12 here.

I made the innocent mistake of ordering 2 of the 3-packs instead of the 6-pack, and subsequently paid $15 more than necessary. Woot’s customer service wrote back that they are unable to alter the order, and made no other offer to compensate for the mistake. I would expect that if I were not a regular customer of both Woot and this wine supplier.

Can someone explain in detail why it is so difficult to help a loyal customer in this particular situation?

This seems insane to me, to be honest. It’s the same ****ing thing. I’d email again and maybe you’ll get a better, more helpful CSR?

Just cancel the order, and if they don’t, contest it with your CC provider and refuse delivery. I had a similar incident the first day we went to shipping on each order from the consolidated shipping. Cancelled all as they wouldn’t offer any relief.
This is absurd.