The Cuisinart Kitchen

My husband and I got these for our wedding. We hate them. They burn everything and are extremely hard to clean.

There’s a few tricks to cooking with stainless steel - or so I’m told.

Google seems to have a lot of tips about it.

How do they burn everything?

And cleaning is simple if you either get hot water on it right away after cooking or by putting baking soda and water in the pan and bringing it to a boil for a bit. It will clean very easily.

Two things which may help you:

(1) Back down on your heat. I’m more than willing to bet you’re likely cooking at a higher temperature than is necessary. This is why your food burns or sticks.
Google can be your friend when wanting to know how to get the best results using stainless steel cookware. Believe me, there is a learning curve with stainless.

(2) Buy a can of Cameo or Bar Keeper’s Friend. I find these work as well or even better than baking soda. They cost about the same (at least where I shop). They will clean and polish your cookware so it looks like new.

I’ve had this same 12 piece set for 6 years now very great quality and nothing sticks or burns to it unless the user doesn’t know how to cook. Stock pot is perfect size for cooking soups or pasta. Braising pan is great for pork chops.

I’d buy this set again if it were to die on me.

I don’t have these precise sets, but I do like all of my Cuisinart pots and pans. As mentioned above, if you get them into hot water shortly after you’re done they’re a lot easier to clean. As for burning, that’s probably a method issue. It reminds me a little of people who complained about some hard anodized pans not being nonstick, when in fact they were not advertised as nonstick and had nothing to suggest they were nonstick other than they were black like most nonstick cookware. Basically, a thing’s not going to act the right way if you don’t use it in the right way.

I mean, I don’t want to impugn anyone’s cooking skills, I just haven’t run into problems with this stainless steel with regards to burning or difficulty in cleaning. Maybe the above poster’s wedding set was a bad batch? I dunno.

Yes it takes a while to get use to cooking on stainless. I felt since we had one stainless pan we enjoyed and was use to cooking with that this set would be great.

SO last week when this set came up i got it quick for the wife. After the 3rd time cooking with the pan the bottom has separated from the pan! We will be calling Cuisinart today to see what we can do but i would say avoid the set on here.

UPDATE: Sounds like 14 bucks to ship the pan back to Cuisinart to get a full replacement. Not terrible but highly annoying.

I agree! We have stainless steal pans and I hate them! I have to scrub them with Bar Keepers Friend in order to get the residue/stains off it from the food, and then wash them AGAIN with regular dish soap. My husband likes them because he says they cook food better than nonstick but the washing part just sucks!

I have a set very similar to this (Mine came with a bigger stock pot) and I LOVE them. There is a small learning curve to stainless, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very worth it! Like others have said, you NEED to cook at a much lower temperature or you will burn your food, but IMO everything turns out better. And I hardly have a hard time cleaning them. They’re about as hard to clean as my teflon pan (i.e. not very hard at all) because you’re supposed to put hot water in them after you’re finished. Even if I forget, it just takes a few minutes of soaking to clean them. I also have a brillo pad in case I accidentally burn something, but it hasn’t really been an issue. I was so against getting stainless and my husband insisted, but I’m so glad we made the switch. My husband even cooks eggs in them. I haven’t gotten that good yet. :wink: Back to this specific brand-- it’s been two years that we’ve had them and they’re still in fantastic shape.

Are these tri-ply?

The Cuisinart CLCS-12 Classic Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set is not tri-ply.

Barkeepers Friend.