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The Curser [Really clicked] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Wednesday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Heather Gray Woot Tee

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A $*#% fine shirt if ever I’ve seen one.

Where is this Curser’s mouth at? I believe he needs some soap!

In for seven. (I only do laundry once a week, and my computer crashes daily.)

pun.woot clicks again…

C’mon, Woot, is that kind of language really necessary? Kids read this site, you know.

This is such a terrible pun that it’s actually amusing.

Cursor is the wrong color. Needs to be solid black with a white outline. … At least to match the one on my screen. :-0

Got mine!

”’Specific talents’? No what in the bleepin’ bleep is that supposed to mutha-bleepin’ mean?”

Boo for typos.


All is forgiven.

What is this. I don’t even. This is genius. I love it. And am buying it.

What does “Pound percent dollar at exclamation” mean?

What do you suppose makes a Cursor curse?

Double-clicking too many times…
Trying to click things when OS security needs you to OK something…
When you throw/drop the mouse…

Anyone have anymore ideas that lead to cursor vulgarity?

Mine’s black with a white outline as well. YAY MAC!!

With such a creative description, to go with an surprisingly humorous shirt, I think we can give them a break.

Besides, that typo will be gone within an hour, and then you’ll look like a fool. :wink:

alas, I think I love it…

Do you suppose if the cursor was transformed into something cutesy (such as a kitty, butterfly, or fairy), the potty-mouth would go away?

Following that thought, how profane do you suppose my flaming skull cursor is?

And while I’m being a nitpicky jerk, I should point out this entry from the Department of Redundancy Department:

“Roni Lagin can identify different brands of soap based solely on the taste alone.”

Solely or alone, not both.