The Cycle of Life

wow.!!!um green shirt great.

Grats Wotto on the print!<br />*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

green? i dont know about that…

we now return to the regularly scheduled saccharine cuteness …

took a risk on 3 randoms - no more woot shirts for me in the foreseeable future.

** just checked out the artist’s website, and have to say, i really like some of his other designs. this one just isn’t doing it for me tonight though - cool concept, but i’m not enamored of the execution.

Almost cool enough to buy but not quite…the characters are just too goofy

When can we expect another “random shirt day”?

Although I’m a fan of zombies and ghosts, I’m not really digging the shirt.
Congrats to the artist.

Not really a great zombie shirt. Pass!

Hmm… does anybody have any pictures of other woot shirts that are this particular shade of green? Somehow the picture on shirt.woot makes it seem as though this is a color that cannot exist in real life, and I’m curious as to what it actually looks like.

around November based on a few stats that were put together in yesterday’s thread. Go back and scan through.

What I wouldn’t give to live with a family like that.

I like the artwork but not kelly green

they should just make it $15 off the bat, just to mess with people.

this shirt is like the epitome of all that i don’t want to buy on this site. i suppose it’s just personal preference really, but it’s like the artist has taken a cutesy idea and tried to make it hardcore. i feel like people ought to stick with one or the other. if you’re going to do silly little animated cartoon characters, try to keep it that way; don’t add skulls and worms.

Awe, c’mon, it’s fun. There’s something to be said for a shirt that doesn’t take itself too seriously. They even threw in a Zombie. I’m in for one :smiley:

Pink Floyd ref. I love it!

this green shirt is great, but there is stuff all over the front that I don’t want there.

I missed it - where?

you wanted a cake instead?