The Cycle of Life

Awesome shirt, already in for one, even though I PROMISED myself no more shirts this week. Just lost my Grandmother 2 days ago, and now my Grandfather is in the hospital real sick and I’m out of work this week and vacation next week. So I won’t be getting a paycheck for a while, but I really needed a kelly green woot shirt, and now I think I have every single color and then some.

This design is sweet. I love halloween or anything to do with it, and I don’t think it is “cutesy” at all… Just because of how the characters look? Doesn’t make it cutesy to me, I think its just a fun shirt, with a cool design on a sweet colored shirt. In for one. IN FOR ONE!!! MWUAHAHAA…

hey folks,
thanks for all your comments, good and bad. woot does great things and i am glad to be part of it. My work isn’t mainstream and hey i don’t aim to please everyone so please be honest and say what you think.
Keep up the great work woot!

I only wish it had been in a different palate, Wotto… it’s great otherwise… it’s simply that the green killed it for me.

Can’t see myself wearing it, but i really like the design.

In for one. Between this one and the “Is that you, Jimmy?” shirt I’m set for Halloween this year.

heres how I seen this happen:
labor day party’d out, back to work “no” I don’t Want to go!!" go and fix that shirt color when you get there guys… waaaaaaaaaa!!! ok! now what color do you want to do this beautiful design… how about black…YUK been done too much…Asphalt?..nahhhhh. how a bout green ?..WTF? ok
I don’t care…Still kinda buzzin anyways"

Yeah! Roger Waters FTW!

Shirt is meh. I’ll keep clutching my money then.

:S kind of kiddy, isn’t it? Maybe you guys should offer select designs for kids sizes too, I mean… not many adults would wear this.

C’mon…does the color really matter? The design is so pointless that I wouldn’t take it if it were free. If Woot’s this desperate for an artist there surely must be an elementary school nearby.

I give credit to the artist but this is like what I imagine life of a snot looks like.

So’s your face.

(Bored I am I tell you.)


I love the art, color scheme kind of icky, agreed. But the art almost overcomes. Will decide post-caffeine.

awwww jimiyo are you trying to pick a fight? that bored?

Edit: in regards to the shirt, it’s kind of kiddish for me, but i like it way better than the pumpkin shirt from last week. have no interest in halloween themed shirts and i don’t have a kid, so gonna take a pass.

Nice… love the shirt… alas, I have too many lately :stuck_out_tongue:

if only it wasnt green

I love the Halloween themed shirts and this one is great…
Although I have way too many green t-shirts (John Deere) and I just bought the Jimmy, is that you? the other day.


Must save money for vacation!

Great Halloween week shirt…

in for one…my twelve year old will love it!

hops on “ugly” boat