The Dandy Lion

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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looks like that

Aww… I have too many cream shirts already.

Its alright but I haven’t been a fan of the side placements lately. In fact I haven’t been buying shirts at all lately. Oh well, heres to a good EC week, coming up hopefully.

I think some of these would be nicer as small posters, printed on nice paper. Where’s, thats what’s gotta be next.

thats… interesting…


Don’t rain on this design because the concept (a common one) has been done before. Also surprised to see it in 2nd, congrats keduce!

Love looking at the design, but it seems kind of awkward when i see it on the shirt. Ah, not sure if i should buy…

I have been buying way to many shirts this last month. Got this one too along with yesterday’s. Love this design too.

You can have a ton of tshirts but you can’t always buy a ton of posters. It would run out of business fast.

Edit: Plus you can’t wear posters and show people awesome art and have them start drooling and wanting to know where the heck you find so many amazing Tshirts.



congrats kdeuce, I votered fors it!

Same as last night … I don’t dislike it, & wouldn’t mind it on a shirt, but it’s not enough to tempt me to part with $10 tonight. Wouldn’t mind it as a random or a trade, but it just doesn’t grab me strongly enough to hit that big gold button.

love it, in for 1

Nice design…but definetly not my type though…

so many cream tees!

Yay got one! I love the design. Being a researcher, I also ended up getting yesterday’s tee. And the other tee - Night Shift. Yikes. I’m getting one too many woot shirt.s

whats with the lame shirts ever since the kids sizes were introduced?

I agree with you. My first thought on seeing this design was, “Wow, what great stationery that would make!”