The Dark Knight

Doesn’t anyone ever miss Robin?

I suppose you should wear this while playing Arkham City.

Cute idea, but will we actually be able to see the other chess pieces in the dark or is it going to be just a couple of glowing lines on a black mass?

It’s a good thing Gotham is laid out in a grid, otherwise the Dark Knight wouldn’t be able to jump around like he does.

How can you do this to me woot? Not one, but TWO must have shirts that glow in the dark within a span of a few days! I have no willpower to resist clicking the buy button. :frowning:

wait, so just the eyes and his shoulder glow???

Possibly the best use of glow-in-the-dark I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes, subtlety is good!

I second this! I was just coming down to say that I love how subtle the glow in the dark is!

Yes, only the eyes and shoulders glow.

Because he’s the hero Woot deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll… buy him ^^

Guess Batman likes to keep everyone in check…
Right, mates?

Must… buy… shirt…
Does anyone else have the strange urge to take up chess now?


Next level.

Isn’t the point of Batman’s wardrobe to disappear in the dark rather than stand out?

But, in chess, there would be two Batmans! (Two Batmen?)

Why is the Pawn next to the Queen? Must be a Riddler challenge.

HA! Just found the annual “husband’s new fav shirt” find it every Christmas, here is our new winner, hands down!

I was thinking the exact same thing. Great concept but I think it will look pretty silly in the dark. It will not look like a highlighted piece among other pieces. It will just look like a glowing scribble in a black abyss!

But I definitely dig the Lights-On design.

Given tonight’s shirt, I thought I could share a little How It Should Have Ended.