The Dark Lord Returns

Oakenspirit continues to amaze me. This design is totally fabulous.

Congrats again Oakenspirit! Double winner chicken dinner!

Wow a double win! Good job! Link is the hero we want!

Back-to-back wins! Huge congrats, Oakey!

(IIRC, the last artist who won back-to-back is our resident kitteh artist and newest shirt.woot editor @ochopika.)

Gratz! On a side note, the header for shirt.woot is broken for me.

Me too. And yeah oakenspirit on the twofer, you really were in the zone.

Who knew there was an Error.Woot?

I like the colors and the fiery looking boss.

Damnit, they growing yet another subsite! :tongue:

That’s where I buy all my errors!

Congrats on the double win, Oakenspirit!!

Maybe this one is a bunch of refurbished stuff no one wants.

Congrats on the back to back wins, Oaken!

I hope they get the header site up so that people can buy it!

Guys! Does the landing page look fixed?!

Congrats on the double win! Your recent designs are all looking awesome.

Looks fixed to me.

congrats!! such an amazing artist!

So the dark lord is Alf on steroids?

Even if he isn’t Alf I like it.

For those wondering / curious, it’s Link (the main hero of the Zelda game series) and Ganandorf (main villain of the Zelda game series - in his pig-esque form from an older game, so no worries if you don’t recognize it!)

Combo attack!