The Dark Side and the Pride of the Federation

Rolling on the floor…laughing, since I’m not wearing a red shirt ; ) Primo sci-pop mashup here.

Thanks for the print, Woot! I was shooting for coming in 2nd but with my aim…

Never wearing a red shirt again.

Congrats mate!

Congratulations, Robert, and happy St. Patrick’s day! :slight_smile:

My dog is sick so I am sad and then along comes this shirt and gives a lift to my day. Artist dude, you have done good. Thank you!

No American Apparel in XL/XXL? Me has a sad.

Perfect timing the way the joke reads. Excellent work man!

Great concept, but the text ruins it. Explaining a joke, ruins a joke.

I considered that. Without the text, it could easily be interpreted that the Red Shirt was shot in the head…

BEST Mashup I have seen in several years… OMG>>> Now I have to arm wrestle my husband to determine who can buy this… DARN IT

Are they sure, that Elmer Fudd was not cloned as the Stormtrooper, he never could hit anyone!

Could have said “but I missed” and left out the dead person seeming to say I died anyway. That’s what ruins it.

I think the Trekkie actor having to explain makes it better! Just sayin’!

I haven’t purchased either because of this… Today’s shirt is on Slate as well and it’s available in AA XL & XXL. Why not this one???

Usually I ponder about getting a shirt (not that I am poor) but I really want to make sure I really like it. But this shirt, was an insta-buy. I saw it, had to have it. Love it!

I had the same problem. What’s up, Woot?

I’ve asked the team. We’ll see what’s up.

without text it could be interpreted he was shot in head? hes talking after he’s dead, i think logic is out the window at this point.