The Dark Side of the Christmas

That’s a “bah humbug” on a shirt, if ever I’ve seen one.

I think this puts you on the naughty list for the year.

Super cool design (if not particularly merry).

Too bad it’s not a sweatshirt or hoodie or it would have been an insta-buy.

Yeah I woulda bought it if it was a sweater too. We have Friends-mas every year, and we always wear ugly sweaters to celebrate. Though I guess this wouldn’t be considered an ugly sweater, just an awesome one.

That’s no Christmas… It’s a space station!

Definitely a cool design, but I, too, would be much more inclined to buy if it were actually available as a sweater (or even printed on a sweatshirt).

DO WANT… as a sweater :frowning: !

Ah yes, the dark side of Christmas. Regifting.

Vader’s lightsaber was regifted to Luke, and then in Episode VII…

::wrestled to the floor by ninjas::

+1 for “if that was a sweatshirt, I’d buy it.”

Signing in for ‘if it was a sweater.’

Would definitely buy if was on a sweater or hoodie.

Change the black to forest green and make it a real sweater - big seller

Super appropriate for the timing of The Force Awakens, too.

if this design was on an actual sweater, I would probably jump on it

Congrats, Walmazan! This is the best ugly sweater t-shirt ever.

The star destroyers in lieu of pines are a very nice touch.

The Dark Side of “the” Christmas. If you remove that additional “the”, I’m in.

This is almost an exact replica of a shirt being sold at Disney right now. Enjoy the lawsuit, Woot :confused:

Not to take anything away from this design, but last weekend at Kohl’s, there was a display of pullover sweatshirts with similar designs. There were different colors with more of a holiday theme, probably a good 5-10 options at least. They were among shelves of graphic tees between men’s athletic stuff and jeans, many of the tees also holiday or seasonal themed.

This is likely the most similar design. Forgive me if it doesn’t load correctly as it’s a mobile version (on my phone).