The Devourer

Ehh. I dunno. Good art, but too meta. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you get a copy of that conversation from NSA transcripts?

Laughed. Definite laughter, even before looking closely. The Devourer of planets (purple) and cookies (blue) traditional colors work well together. But does shirtwoot! prefer cookies or cookie eating blue fuzzy monsters?

OMG pure evil. Delicious, chocolate flavored evil.

Don’t forget the milk! :slight_smile:

Arggh! I love this! lovelovelovelovelovelove this!

But I just space-bagged a dozen t-shirts because of overcrowding and the wife wouldn’t appreciate me picking up a new shirt on the same day!

sigh Hopefully it will come up again on a reckoning…

I really need an outfit like that, for when I eat cookies.

I wish this was on a tank top!!

Is he standing on the Milky Way, or drinking it?

Could this be the t-shirt to knock The Binge out of the top 20? Do we have a shirt that can last longer than 208 weeks in the Reckoning? Stay tuned, children!

Ha ha cool tee!

RIP day when at least shirt.woot! could be counted upon to deliver wearable ART. :frowning:

Oooo, the snobs are out in force

No Way.

Best shirt in a long while. Great art.

Seriously? The original Galactus was created by Jack Kirby in 1966. Jack was one of the finest artists that the world will ever know, and this shirt is a humorous tribute to one of the great characters ever to be created in the world of comics. Perhaps tomorrow there will be a kitty, or some nice swirly leaves. For today, many of us will enjoy a stroll down memory lane. I’ll take one for me, and one for my 8 year old son, a Galactus fan who thinks this is the coolest shirt he’s ever seen. Thanks, woot.

I’m not much of a fan of pop culture mashups, but I like this. I think the artistic quality is fine and although cookie monster is pretty popular it’s not like you see a whole lot of Galactus references.

It’s funny, and it makes sense if you know who Galactus is. It’s a comics nerd shirt without the obvious Supes/Bats/Ironman ref.

Does the Devourer realize that planets are a sometimes food??

Love it since the first time I saw it!