The Discovery of fire

Help! Jackson Pollock is burning down the site!


NO ONE is allowed to make any Harry Potter references! I challenge you ALL!

Was hoping for sharktank this time.:frowning: It’s a bit more original and still well crafted.

This is a beautiful design, but the colors are so wrong. I’m gonna have to pass…

For some reason, all I can think about is the USSR when I see this shirt. Das Vidanya, woot. Would go nice with that Tetris Propaganda shirt.

This derby has been a bit flat…

So… are you guys like trying to set some sort of world record for shirts with the Phoneix on them? You must be in the running at least by now!

Colors eye catching but then be smudginess. Mood: apparently argumentative.

The phoenix rises again…and again…and again.

Harry Potter. That is all.

Looks like all the other shirts got burned

Just checking, but this painting by Magritte, was your inspiration, correct?

Gotta say, I like the flaming tuba better than the flaming bird.

I’m not really in the market for a Moltres shirt, but cool nonetheless.

YEAAAAHHHHH! -equip sunglasses-

this is a great shirt
finally broke my 8 month slump of not seeing anything i felt was worth purchasing

I’m J.K. Rowling on the floor laughing :slight_smile:

the opposite of the Raven

This is the shirt that broke your 8 month slump? Son, I am disappoint.