The Doppler Effect

If I wear this in AP Physics, will I get an A? Oh, how it makes me wonder…

Why I love this shirt:

  1. It’s so darn original! It’s like nothing else I’ve seen on shirt.woot. It’s not an "artsy’ design, or a “cartooney” design, or a “cutesey” design
  • it’s a “today only” design.
  1. Some artists are limited to only one style - others to 2 or 3. But Walmazan is like a box of chocolates!

  2. It’s funny, but it also makes you think. What bothers the guy more - the sound, or the fear of being munch meat? Is the raptor speeding right by

(that’s when you get a Doppler Shift)?

  1. It’s a modern interpretation of mid-century art. People didn’t know raptors then - they knew brontos.

  2. All the other reasons I can’t think of because I keep gawking at this shirt.

Major props to Walmazan!

Nice shirt walmazan…I will wear it while eating tacos.

Would get if it wasn’t black…too many black shirts.

Congrats on another great print walmazan!

So the white field is representing the tremendous amount of pee the man has released upon seeing the dinosaur?

I need a doppler effect detector. Microwaves in police cars should only be used for warming doughnuts.

Based on my extensive empirical Yahoo Answers research, bats are not in fact descendants of dinosaurs, so I submit that this shirt is improbable!

Any shirt with a raptor on it is worth buying, I mean that’s just my opinion.

Can we call these “Derby Chumps” from now on?

Just to be “That Guy”. From the derby thread:

"Velociraptors were only about the size of a domesticated turkey. Even the Deinonychus [larger version that is most closely resembling the Jurassic Park creatures] was smaller than the average human. The only “known”
Dromaeosauridae to be around the height of a human is the Utahraptor ostrommaysorum.

Let’s not forget that “raptors”, or Dromaeosauridae, had feathers too. "

Great design though.


I’m going to preface this by saying that most of my friends are and have always been ghei men. Now with that having been said, is it just me and my influences or from a distance does the guy look kinda, sorta, in a way (…well…okay fine, I’ll just spit it out…) phallic?

Anyone else wonder why that rather large (to scale with the dino) white “thing” is calling / attracting a dinosaur???

Might be an ideal gift for the bear who has everything…


30%x30% [/img]

Qwantz Dinsaur Comics is cool.

Totally awesome They Might Be Giants reference there…LOL.

Triangle man hates particle man.

absolutely a 100% buy, and i never goddamn say that. after i saw the 1st place winner, i checked the other shirts in the fog for this derby and knew if this one won i would have to buy it. nice work!!

Incidentally… it really says “3rd Place Derby Chump”. How odd you should mention that! Yesterday’s said 2nd Place Derby Chimp, and first place said Derby Champ.

first thing i thought of…

30%x30% [/img]

still good tho!

This shirt tells the world: