The Dragon Claw Lesson

To achieve two ninjas on the left, invert the shirt.

is there a slit in the mask, how do they drink?

Can anyone tell what’s written on the coffee mug? I’d try to get closer but that 4th ninja is keeping me in check…

After last week in Colorado, the choice of shirt for today is in very poor taste. Take it off.

Not funny

Oh sorry, I’ll scoot over.

So…Snake Eyes had a bad weekend fighting against Cobra, and HAS to tell everyone else about it? Sheesh…what a needy Ninja.

Wish they had a Woot Plus for all things ninja soon.

You mean you don’t have someone in your office like that?

What about this shirt has anything to do with the Colorado shooting?

The fourth ninja is drawn really well.

…It’s his arm isn’t it? That’s bugging me. I think it’s just that ninjas are so bad-ass that this guy doesn’t even notice that his arm is halfway out of its socket. Or maybe he does and he’s going to finish his coffee first because there’s no way he’s giving up break time just to deal with some more work related garbage.


I am actually a ninja, and I really like this shirt- I sometimes dream of having an office job instead of my chaotic schedule of training, missions, and escape.

I’m in for 1, can’t wait to not be seen in this shirt.

The coffee mug says “Ninjas do it better”

But it isn’t immediately legible b/c of the curvature of the cup.

And they might be drinking green tea, which only needs hot water… or not.


For me, it’s the fact that he looks like he’s going to fall over backward any minute. And … the rubber arm. That, too.

Looks like I’ll be the conversation piece at my next Dragon Claw meeting…

This has nothing to do with the shooting in Colorado and it is indeed not of poor taste… it is of exquisite taste… I’m surprised they didn’t have one of the ninja have his pinkie out.

By outing yourself, you are one of those unstealthiest Ninjas. Aren’t you?

I have to go through these guys every day at work just to get some water. What happened to ninja’s being stealthy?