The Dragon Maker

Mist + fire + metal + mountain + awesome

Magical and mysterious. Very nice.

Thanks everyone!!! :slight_smile:

hmmm… something is weird with the image on the front page… should be like this

Your keyboard works!

(I’ll be tattling on my own post to get a hold of a mod to get a hold of someone at shirt to get a hold of a dev to fix things.)

Lovely! =^_^=

I may be on vacation, but I had to take time to see what won today.

Absolutely fantastic!

Why are kids sizes not available? I was so hoping to purchase one for my son (huge Skyrim fan)!

Never mind I’ve got my own answer. Awesome shirt!

The artistry on this one is breathtaking! Congratulations, Patrick, you deserved to win. And as I said in the derby thread, I’ll be happy to wear this, but it’s such amazing art it belongs on my wall. POSTER PLEASE!!!

Gorgeous! Half toning mist is haaaard.

Looks a lot like Deathwing from World of Warcraft!

Great Design! I love dragons AND slate. Good job and great win!

Good idea to tattle to get attention (y)
Love the design, wish they had it with long sleeves

I was just thinking the exact same thing. I don’t actually have enough of a chance to wear t-shirts, so this wouldn’t get much circulation.

I want to see it every day.

Not to think too deeply about it, but what is he holding in his hand?

Is the dragon obviously missing a piece that looks like that and this is the final touch?


BOOOOO! No kids sizes. :frowning:

(without paying extra for American Apparel)

Woot can’t offer what the manufacturer isn’t offering anymore. Given the sizing issues with the standard Anvil blanks, I gladly spend the extra $3 for made-in-the-USA.

Side note: Patrick finally busts out the keyboard TWICE in one week and a mod couldn’t even give him a Quinoa Panini? That’s mean!

Absolutely Stunning!

This shirt looks awesome, I want!