The Dream Chair





I guess the Right Woot hand doesn’t know what the Left Woot hand is doing


Doc Yuma needs a $100 refund


Is there a disclaimer to the effect that the umbrella is not to keep the rain off when seated in the chair? I would hesitate to put my body within the metal frame during an electrical storm!
Easy John


Well, if you want brown, it’s still a good deal…

This looks very Seussian. It also looks like it could completely ruin someone’s posture forever in the span of a few hours.


Yup, I bought the Amazon one. The price is great for both though, actually.


Woot, if you do the right thing and drop the price of the brown one down to $100 then I am in. I will even give you the extra $5 even though Amazon would give me free shipping. Can we shake hands on this?


L. O. L.


“He who hesitates is lost.” Amazon just bumped price to $244.67! A few of you got a great deal!

Amazon still showing “New $100” in top right of page, but they quickly bumped up the price available to $244.67 within a few minutes of the woot post.


Lucky enough to grab two at $100 before Amazon raised the price. . .with free shipping.


Since Amazon quickly changed the price from $100 to $245, I guess we can assume that big brother is watching. I knew Amazon was the man.


Looks kinda cool, but $200 is a bit too rich for me


Price back to $100 at the Amazon link. Item sold by Woot-main fulfilled by Amazon. Get it while it lasts.


It shows $100 on Amazon still for me. But honestly, it doesn’t look very comfortable, you obviously have to lie, not sit, and it looks like it would tweak your neck.


We’re performing an in-depth investigation of the issue.


So is this like a cross between a lawnchair, hammock, and a banana? A banana hammock lawnchair?

Whatever it is it looks relaxing as hell. Try to have a bad day in this thing I guarantee you can’t.

Hear that music? this chair is relaxing as hell.


My order from Amazon shows "Sold by: “Woot Services LLC” but the storefront site linked looks a little hokie as it states, “Just Launched,” and most all the items listed have the same sale price of $10,000.

Be a bit embarrassing for Amazon & Woot if this is a fraudulent storefront since the real “Woot Services LLC” is owned by Amazon.


I’m a little suspicious of a video advertisement that doesn’t actually show someone sitting/laying in it or getting in and out of a chair with arms that moves in every direction and is up off the ground. Is there a video with people actually using this thing…off to google it!


I could not find any other video but this one, and no pictures of anyone sitting in it. Two reviewers on Amazon give it 5 stars and one gives it 4 but those reviews are of the much more costly versions, appearing to be made and or sold by someone else.