The Dream Chair

Really, is that the Dream Chair?

I cannot sit on it. it…careens.

Will this chair cause… wet dreams?

This is great on a Wintery morning, when I wake up with nothing on but a pair of French cut panties. The airy chair allows the cool crisp air to caress my body, invigorating it or the day to come. The fabric feel great against naked skin, buffing it of impure thoughts. The umbrella protects me from the rising Winter sun, and occasional shower. I usually take off the umbrella when it rains though because nothing is more refreshing that fresh morning rain caressing my body in the gentle Winter breeze. Then I’m ready to tackle the day.

Not for ye large mates!
Capacity 265 lbs.

I have a nice deck this would be perfect for… But $200? Dayum!

Might have to wait for it to hit

Oh c’mon, I’m worth it. Just ask my neighbors…"

But at $200 I wouldn’t have any money left over to buy film for my iPhone camera. :frowning:

You’ve let your moustache grown since we last saw you.