The Early Worm Gets the Bird

Jay!!! So cute!! I may have to get this one! great job on the print!

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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cute design, not too big on brown, though

can’t see the preview.
nevermind there it is… meh… not for me.


Very cute! I love the layers.

funny, but cartoonish.

I really like the background effect with the diagonal stripes. Cool design.

funny. to buy or not to buy … aka to wear or not to wear. shirts have been selling out really early lately, or so ive realized after my stint in europe and of not checking every night at 1, therefor making it harder to decide whether or not to follow my impulses or wait til the sun comes up.


Sweet! I need to stop buying shirts again. I was doing so good!

hmmm … same color too

i see the differences though…good job designerguy

but i still gotta give Phil mad props for Early Bird on T-less.

I like the look… It so tempting… I just can see PETA and half my coworkers in arms against me for buying it…

Where’s Dent’s coin when I need it…

Well, to be fair, what other color would work? Your options are brown (for the earth) or baby blue (for the sky), really.

Be kind and link it…

wow Me tinks that would garner a rejection in a darby

Congrats on the print J. Looks good. The way you did the ground and sky is a good solution to the problem of ink-heavy prints.

congrats on the print! love your other work. Great detailing and sense of humor.

Not sure about this one, will have to sleep on it… The title makes my day though.