The Edge of Crap

On the edge, and dropping in for a BoC!!!

Thanks Woot!

…and sold out. Missed it. Shucks!

Woot woot got one. Hoping it is as crappy as life has been today at work.

Missed it by seconds this time.

Finally got one this go round! I missed the BOCs the last 2 times they were offered and have been totally jealous of the woot mixtapes and magnets. I almost missed this one again, just got done emailing woot support so thankfully I was logged in and then see this and was able to snag it.

No way! That went way too fast!! I’ve been waiting hours for this and missed it. :frowning: WAAAAAAA!!!

Me too!

Congrats to all the wooters who are brave enough to face more disappointment in their life.

Second box of the year for me! Oh the disappointment I will,endure!

Where was the last one at? I have so many tabs open, F5-ing all day, still missing them!

Saw it, but got stuck waiting on the internet. On the bright side, this condo has a super power… The power of Super Throttled interwebs. Don’t even want to bother hunting BoCs as bad as the internet is here… How disappointing…

WOOHOO! Congrats!

We have a thread all ready to go!!

We’re gonna be talking over here in World of Woot!!