The Element of Surprise

Is there a joke tied to the 264.13 that went over my head?

Wasn’t this in the derby for a hot minute? Now no trace of it. That is surprising.

Yah, I don’t get the 264.13 either. Also the 710 doesn’t make sense to me. The periodic table ends with 103 (I think) so this should be 104. I’m guessing there is a joke here, but I will be surprised to learn it.

I’m with the other folks. I TEACH chemistry and have a very punny mind, but I’m not see’n a joke here? Author, explanation PLEASE!

The only thing I see with 710 is OIL spelled backwards. 264.13 not a clue

Also, people refer to 710 as the new 420.

The joke appears to be that this element has a packing fraction higher than a cat’s back. The mass defect of such a nucleus would probably be at least 1000 AMU. Such a nucleus would be incredibly unstable, with a half life of fractional yoctoseconds.

The only thing that immediately comes to mind is that this is the molecular mass of tetramethylfluoroformamidinium hexafluorophosphate but why would that be a surprise to anyone?

Found it:

Haha, such a good joke.

Is that a Where’s Waldo party hat or a Cat-in-the-Hat party hat? The plot thickens…

Nice one! congrats SteveOramA82

Phone number 710-24-26413?

Area code 710 is a Fed Govt area code. I’m not getting put on a list to try this out. :wink: