The End Is The Beginning

love a font like that. not a palindrome, but what the heck do they call that? would like to see a transmutation circle on the back. nice regardless.

I had a feeling this was going to print!

The nice thing about this tee: If I’m drunk and leave it on the floor, I can still read it, any way it lays in the corner…

except for inside-out, of course!

Great, now I can do a handstand and people can read my shirt!

BTW, it’s called an Ambigram when you can read it upside down and rightside up.

You know how the Woot tag says “Not for use as pants” … yeah, well, this one can because it still reads correctly worn upside-down.

Just ask your friends to stand upside down. A good friend would do that for you.

What kind of black magic is this???

Oh, is the alchemical kind!

Congrats, Seed!

well, having read the write up + taken a longer look at the shirt, now I see its charm…nice balance

An ambigram.

edit: Oops…sykotek beat me to it.

I love ambigrams.

Wordplay is a great book about the art form.


Y’know, the whole crux of this shirt is the ambigram word design, which is tremendously well done.

But I’d also like to call attention to the quality of the rest of the design-- the chemical liquid is perfectly rendered, for example.

Congrats, Brett! You have a great illustrative style, and I’d like to work with you again!

Between an amazing fog and ECs comming up, my wallet will not survive. Plan: wait out the week. At the end, I can buy 2 shirts. Even at the higher price, my wallet will still thank me. Alchemy, I like you, but I shall wait.

I don’t think I’ve ever clicked the “I want one” button as fast as I did tonight. :slight_smile:

I want to know what happens in the loops. What is responsible for rendering the color change and is it safe?

Thrilled to see this one printed after it came up short in the Chemistry derby … as a chem teacher, this one is a must-have. AMAZING art - nice job!! My students will love it, my colleagues will covet it … perfect combination.

Why isn’t this in metallic ink? It would be perfect.

Congrats SeedUVPain!

It’s called a wootanium reaction, and it’s highly addictive.