The End Is The Beginning

Right click -> Screen Resolution -> Orientation -> (Whatever) Flipped

Yup. That’s an ambigram. Curses for posting it when I’m drunk!

Wooo, I was hoping this one would print… actually I was hoping a lot of shirts would print this time. LOL the fog could not contain all the awesome of this week’s derby. Good job on this one Seed.

This will be great for when I’m combining the stuff from in the medicine cabinet with the stuff from under the sink.

Clearly it’s the process of lead turning into gold. It’s the oldest alchemist trick in the book.

Interestingly enough, for many alchemists, the whole lead into gold thing was more of an allegory/metaphor for the purification of one’s soul rather than the actual process of making riches from lumps of lead.

So do you think that this shirt will be able to purify itself, thereby never needing to be washed? That would be a trick worth paying for!

Weren’t alchemists obsessed with transforming lead into gold? That’s the way I recall learning it.

In any case, it looks like Seeduvpain has managed to turn shirt design into a monetary win. So I am betting those old time alchemists would be proud in a way.

I think the m/lc combination is a little bit of a stretch, but altogether a lovely shirt. Perfect for all those slow-mo sideways flips I’m doing in my next action flick.

Ironically (or not so ironically) I happen to be watching Fullmetal Alchemist right now. If only it wasn’t my birthday this weekend… I’m not allowed to buy myself anything :frowning:

“A crowded bar, busy street, funeral parlor, train tracks and the like are poor choices for this endeavor.”

Hahahaha, Woot writers deserve awards.

This shirt is terrible at best.

So happy this one made it the second time around! Can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

Alchemambigram!! Say THAT five times fast drunk upside down and backwards! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LYING face-up, not laying… unless you are laying an egg, or getting laid, but that would be even more indecent on a Dallas sidewalk! :-/

Woot, hire an editor! hint. :wink:

Somebody else read “The A;chemist” also! In for one in honor of that amazing book.

Yes. I am going to wear this in my lab. I will then draw chalk diagrams around all of my stirplates. My PI will go insane.

I don’t know how useful of a skill it is to be able to write words like this, but jeez would it be fun. Literally the best part of ambigrams is watching people spend 20 minutes staring at it turning their heads side to side. It could say nothing at all but the second you tell them it says love and water they say, “OH yea I see it now!”

I’m so excited this shirt printed! In for three!

Congrats on the print!

Glad this won. Congrats!

Yes and Yes for the winner! Well deserved SeedUvPain!

agreed!!! this should have had the silver and gold inks used!! that would have been so awesome!!!

We had to do ambigrams in typography in college. They’re a pain to get to work right, but you’ve done an awesome job! If I could - I’d give you a cookie. Or 30.