The End

It’s my birthday and I couldn’t be happier with this as the derby winner!

Excellent choice wooters! Now, can I have it in a onesie so my 1 year old can wear it?

Happy birthday! A shirt that keeps things in perspective can’t be a bad thing, right ; )

Hope they’re not talking about the end of the Street.

Put on some pants! All of these signs for clothes… shakes head.

Would love this on a journal!

The Monster at the End of This Book was my favorite book when I was a wee one!

Several years ago, we were driving in downtown Seattle and on a street corner was a guy with one of those the ‘end is near signs.’
Our then 11yr old daughter read it out loud as we passed him, she then turned to read what the sign on his back said and she read it as…‘repeat your sins.’
Even after 30 years we still laugh about that.

Its a cute end.

It’s all relative.

Haha! Now that is funny. =D

It’s always a matter of perspective. If you were “the end is far” guy standing in front, wouldn’t that make the end closer to nearer? But I never believe those predictions anyway.

Thank you for your support, everyone! My wife LOVES grover, I dedicate this shirt to her… and the letter E and the number 7.

Thanks! And in a way, it does. Happy to be alive another year.

There’s a Monster at the End of This Shirt

I so want this is a zip-up hoodie.

I remember this book quite well! I read it to my son often and would do it in a Grover voice. Good times!

My kids are 4t-5t would a k6 from you be the same?

Near and Far with Grover – check out the ORIGINAL inspiration for this AWESOME SHIRT!!!

I find the children’s shirts run really small. I would bump it up to an 8 just so they can wear it longer than 6 months.