The Essentials

Fun colors. Doubling down on tattoo inspired t-shirt designs futures. Love 'em, this is a favorite shirt – and one of the first I bought.

I don’t get the reference.

Bob’s Burgers

the story behind a burger store from geek perspective

hands down one of the most fun shirts I have ever seen on this site.

Here, let me link that for you.

Graphics look cool. Reminds me of the cover art for a great band called Girls, Guns, and Glory.

This pretty thoroughly misunderstands the character.

Guessing ADQ had something to do with this and/or has a new favorite shirt.

Love it. Although I’m not sure I want to wear it as a guy. I hope they come out with ones for each of the other characters too though.

Dunno, boys, zombies, butts, unicorns…apart from the way she’s drawn, I’d say they pretty much nailed the character. The burger bit is arguable, she’s a fry cook after all.

But without the burgers the reference becomes much more tenuous.

No. And also I do not like many referential tees so I shan’t buy this though I respect the design. Also, also I only run a butt tumblr that I kinda regret because it has pigeonholed me to you all, I really am not THAT into butts.

I don’t get it.

Cute design but that just doesn’t look like Tina. She looks more like Scooby-Doo’s Velma. Tina, even when sexy, doesn’t have a small lipsticked mouth and she doesn’t wear blush.


Thanks all!!! This was my Tina Belcher meets Sailor Jerry idea :slight_smile:
“That smells exotic… like ranch dressing”

Ordered one for my wife in womens large, and like 30 minutes later she told me she needs a normal large…

i did the support/email through the site thing but any other way to make sure my order gets changed?


I’m really sorry, but right now, you have a 15 minute window to cancel an incorrect order. CS will reply with your available options. Sorry for the trouble. :confused: