The Evil That Men Do Except Instead Of Men It’s A Kite


See, he’s a lovable monster. He has hearts in his eyes!

poor girl… that’s going to take half an epoch to untangle!

Sometimes I feel like Woot is just stringing us along…

so much for a birthday surprise

I like it, but I don’t think I want it. Side note: is this the same artist who did the shirt with the little girl and the pet brontosaurus?

Reminds me of kite fighting.

I’ve never actually flown a kite before. Maybe when I have kids. :slight_smile:

yeah, what’s up with that?

That is one magnificent kite!..I hope that it comes up for sale on woot soon.

Haha looks like apelad is representing himself as apekite!

I think it’s a girl monster. The top of her head says “elle”, which is french for “she”. :wink:

would have been a nice shirt except for the ugly green color. ugh.

Awesome design. I feel like I want a huge print of that covering an entire wall at my place.

Pft, there’s nothing to worry about. That so called ‘monster’ is just full of hot (or possibly cool) air.

Kites were invented as weapons? Citation needed.

Apelad did Death has Keen Eyesight and, well, Apelad. I don’t think he was behind Live Wire.

That said, it’s not for me, but the title alone makes it way better than the offering from “some related site with a similar daily offering”. I am not naming it, because apparently naming similar sites is grounds for deleting comments some places.

You’re totally going to have to get on that before you have kids. Kite flying, I’ll have you know, is an “all people of all ages” type of thing. It’s something I really like to do in my free time, and I completely think you should give it a go…especially before you have to go with children who will inevitably end up crying because they tangle their strings or can’t get it to fly.

In case anyone’s wondering, Adder is talking about Teefury. It appears they have printed another copied shirt. Unless there is some multi-universe thing going on.

I wish some of the shirts would be alittle more adult. Too many cartoons lately.