The Extended Bell Curve



this is clearly just an elephant shadow-puppet. Dinosaurs? Nessie? made-up nonsense.


My first thought was Nessie, then an elephant…?


That curve really is a monster.


this doesn’t make any sense…


Its not a camel?


The Loch Ness Monster appears to be an outlier.


More like extended ball curve, am I right?


Now the area under the curve is 100% plus Nessie’s neck.


I’ve always wondered what the derivative of Nessie was.


I’m glad someone else sees statistics as a mythical creature


"My theory by A. Elk. Brackets Miss, brackets.

This theory goes as follows and begins now.

All brontosauruses are thin at one end, much thicker in the middle and then thin again at the far end. That is my theory, it is mine, and belongs to me and I own it, and what it is too."

-Monty Python


now this is a math figure i can believe in!


So, the head indicates those who get A++?

I want in on that class!


I hope it doesn’t start asking me for abouta tree fiddy.


I’d have called it An Abnormal Distribution


poor little hydrocephalic elephant :frowning:


Statistics really can prove anything. Especially on the x-y axes of myth. It’s fun though; think I’ll take one for a swim.


And all that time during my math classes I kept telling myself I would never use this stuff in the real world…


is this going to sell out? I sorta want one :slight_smile: