The Extinct

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Very cool idea, crappy colors. They should have added in a few more animals, too.


Julia L O L Funny take on Extinct animals… love the Dodo! I don’t know how the yellow will fare on the creme, but it’s a fun design.


I love the dodo! Fantastic art, though I own too many cream shirts. =( Good job, tho! =D




as soon as i saw the cream load up, and the faint yellow, i ran


Farking hilarious - Keith Richards!


“condition: Keith Richards”

very funny.


interesting…i like the mammoth.
Elephant and monkey shirts galore


the state of music today… very nice might use the coupon tonight.


Haha I like it. Mocking the ridiculous number of recent bands that start their name with “The” with a nice touch of woolly mammoth.


I love the design idea. Just so torn on that color and how faded looking it makes it.


Cool, I’m in


Maybe you could put in a Spotted Owl singing back-up… get it? Back-up. Tip your waitresses and try the veal. I’ll be here all week.


I love the design! To bad it is a light color. After ruining my yellow “floating squishy” shirt I decided I am not allowed light colored woot shirts (unless they are unbelievably awesome!). Sloppy people don’t get light colored clothing :o(


Great artwork, but extinction makes me sad and cream makes me look washed out.


“Don’t wear this shirt: if you’re Iggy Pop. First, because you’re immortal so it doesn’t apply, and second, because you don’t wear shirts.”

LOL! i loves the writing on woot!


extinction makes me hungry


I’m going to have to pass on this one. I bought a shirt with and elephant on it last week.