The Facebook Cheese!

We’re moving the Cheese! We’re getting a bigger, better, giant wheel of cheese!

Very soon we will be merging the Shirt.Woot Facebook page with the Woot! Facebook page. This is super-exciting stuff! Merging helps us to focus our social community building PLUS it will increase the peeps that see your shirts on Facebook!

When the cheese is all done being moved, the Shirt.Woot page will go the way of the dodo, but never fear, because all of those fans and followers will be automagically moved over to the Woot! Facebook page! (unless they’re already there).

Everything you are used to seeing in the Shirt.Woot page (derby winners, derby vote posts & upcoming sales) will still happen as usual, but to a much wider audience.

So what do you need to do? Well, step one is to make sure you ‘Like’ the Woot! Facebook page (duh!). The second step is to make sure all of your friends and followers ‘Like’ the Woot! Facebook page! (double duh!). We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on any really important, super cool, awesome posts. Also, also, you should like the heck out of all of our posts…this will encourage Skynet to put the post in front of more peeps. More peeps=$$$ in your creative little pocketses. Savvy?

For all you artist-creative-types out there, join the Creatives of Woot Facebook group so that you don’t miss out on all the highly classified information we put out there. This group is a great way to stay in the know, and connect with the wider artist community so we can talk about art stuff.

Part of this change will be linking the Creatives of Woot group with the Woot Facebook page; this should be seemless. BUT, make sure you check that you’re still a groupie when we’re all done!

Post all of your exciting comments here so we can part-ay together. We’re excited to see you in this brave, new world!