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RE: Celltronix 06-CE-BTH200H Motorcycle Wired Bluetooth Helmet Headset

Description says: “Also sports music streaming capabilities and GPS applications for A2DP enabled phones”

Everything I see elsewhere online says it DOES NOT support A2DP. Including the instruction manual.


Hayward Pool Heat Pump - HP21404T
i[8x7[/IMG]]( actually 140,000 btu - someone would be crazy to consider a 14,000 btu heater…

Anyone care to chime in about the PortaMate PM-7500 Folding Miter Saw Power Tool Stand? In the process of rehabbing a house and I’m getting ready to start cutting trim, then siding. I’m getting a little old to keep getting down and up from the floor/porch where I have been cutting everything. Is this pretty sturdy/stable? I like the fact that it collapses down and is portable. Just looing to see if anyone one here has this or has used this.

shower filter? Why? Do people actually drink the water coming out of their shower heads?

Home Depot has a better one that is height adjustable. I just bought 4 on sale @ $24.99 each
It is called Adj Pro Steel Folding Sawhorse. May be discontinued, but look around. Unlike other adjustables, it has a lever inside each leg instead of having to move nuts and bolts to set height. Recognized by yellow color and three nuts at each end.

Any word on the Water Right PCH-075-MG-4PKRS Garden Hose, 75’ x 3/8"

I checked Amazon and it seems okay, but worried that Target might have it cheaper in their clearance if its still there.

That’s a saw horse. He’s asking about the miter saw stand.

I can’t speak to this particular stand, but I’ve used this style of portable saw stand before and they really are a back-saver. The wheels are a nice bonus too - if it’s like other stands you can wheel it around without dismounting the saw.

Mo-Jack lift. So is this for the pro? It says 300 & 750 lb but when you get to the product page you do not have the option to choose, nor does it give a model number. If this is for the PRO im in, that would be a good deal.

I have 4 Water Right coil hoses (three 25’, one 50’) and I can tell you they are fantastic. Leaps and bounds better than all the cheap coil hoses out there, these things really are quality and it shows. A full year in and no leaks, recoil as new, and they still look perfect.

This price is excellent, too.

It does look like it’s the Pro, we changed the description to be more specific, but this is the same one over on Amazon if that helps, too.

I have one of these hoses. It’s a very low flow water hose. Due to the diameter, regardless of your water pressure, it will not run a sprinkler. This is a problem for me since that is one of the reasons I needed a hose.

Personally, I have found the self-winding aspect to be a nuisance. Maybe with a 25’ hose it would be less annoying, but I would like this hose much more if it was just as light weight without that feature.

Despite those complaints, if I needed another light-weight water hose that wasn’t intended for a sprinkler, I would consider getting another one of these. The fact that I can safely fill a water bowl for my dogs without concern of lead poisoning gives me enough peace of mind to overlook most of the shortcomings.

Oh, so sorry, you asked about the 75’ COILED hose! The info I posted above was specifically about the 50’ self-winding Water Right Hose.

I also have one of the 75’ coiled hoses. I can honestly say that I absolutely HATE the coiled hose. If you pay postage, I will send you mine for free!

I wrote a review for that hose once before, let’s see, what did I say. Something like, “I wouldn’t wish that hose on my worst enemy. I would like to give it away but I can’t think of anyone I dislike that much!”

The problem is that the hose coils on itself and gets all tangled. Trying to untangle the hose when the coils get caught together is sort of like trying to untangle Christmas lights except that it is big and bulky making it even more frustrating.

I hope other folks haven’t had as much trouble! Good luck!

They have real uses…

The screen types collect debris and calcium before it hits the jets of the shower head.
This one I believe actually has a carbon cartridge, which be a little more effective in controlling other weird stuff.

Sulfurous smelling water and chlorine, etc.

Kind of for the person who has everything, but I imagine some scenarios might make this kind of thing a must have.

The four most common ways of toxic contamination are: ingestion, inhalation, injection, and absorption.

Showering without a shower filter exposes you to a number of toxic chemicals that are inhaled and absorbed into your body and into your bloodstream.

I highly recommend a shower filter! But don’t forget to change your filter from time to time!

[8x7[/IMG]]( 2414-02 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit, 2 Batteries

^ Nice little cordless drill. Just arrived as part of this woot. Can easily handle small household tasks. Lightweight, small batteries that don’t add to weight, easy to manipulate. For $39.99 with two batteries the thing is a steal of a deal.