The Fancy Llama

All I think of is Sim City and Stargate SG-1 when looking at this shirt. :slight_smile:

I’m suspicious of that teabag string, it looks like a USB cable…could be a Wire.

My wife’s older sister was obsessed with Llamas. She passed away last week. I think this is the perfect shirt to commemorate her personality. I got one for my wife and one for her sister’s husband.

Haha rad shirt. Gunna sleep on it, might buy tomorrow.

The greyscale scheme and the bow tie capture the fancy mood. The wonky eyes contrast beautifully.


I don’t know how I feel about the lazy eye on that thing.

Wait, is this funny on its own merits, or is there a reference that I am missing?

I would also like to know this. Because with no reference, I laughed my ass off at the complete randomness and stupidity. I love it.

Bowties are cool. Even on a llama, I guess.


Oh my god. This is hilarious.

Couldn’t stand it. Too perfect of a shirt. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Ordered one on American Apparel.

Dear riffmaster18 (or who ever the artist is, i think it is riffmaster18)
My wife is a veterinarian, she loves llamas and will talk about new world camellids for hours. She got all excited because you did a good job on the teeth. apparently amateur artists of ruminants don’t make the lower teeth big enough. Good job.

No reference other than general llama culture.

I hope this isn’t a reference. There’s a certain genius to randomness that I think is lost on a lot of people.

The post above yours can change your hope into knowledge :slight_smile:

Yeah, i bought this, couldnt help it. Too awesome.

Want to order one for my wife,serious question what is the real difference between women and men’s sizes?