The final final


Matewan and Genre: Sayles as a manipulator

10 pages, 1.5spacing

this is my 2nd directors class i just took “because im interested in how he got where he is”

why didnt i do this paper 3 months ago? 11 hours to go,hah

gotta say, dissapointed in woot’s final woot of my college life, tho i guess it sorta symbolizes the new economy, so its somehow fitting


I have no clue what you are talking about, but my daughter has called all week upset over her last this class or that activity. So if you are dissapointed because you didn’t like your last college woot… I can tell you that your friends are upset too. Of course boys will not talk about it!
Congratuations on your upcoming graduation!
Don’t forget to study for your finals
Finish the damn paper!!!
Directors as in film? The economy makes no difference with that. It has always been talent and a lot of luck! Good Luck!


why study when im done this im done my finals:P nothing left to study for;)

well nothing in relation to this degree

no, i ment that were staying up till 1am to buy a wireless keyboard represents the new economy that im venturing into


He took a left at Secaucus and kept going until he hit Roger Corman.