The FIRM Weighted Gloves & Core Ball Kit

One of these balls (in a different brand) has been my office chair for nearly a year now, and I love it. My back wasn’t liking my normal chair, and googling brought me to a few people who said a bouncyball felt much better, so I tried it out.

Not only does my back not hurt when I get home, but I can bounce and roll at my desk. :slight_smile:

How’s this fit into your New Year’s resolutions? Did you make New Year’s resolutions?

What is the weight of the gloves? I bought different brand ans it came with 1 pound gloves and I want 2-4 pound gloves for a better workout. If I knew what size they are I would buy it. The one pound gloves where a joke. Could wear them all day and not feel a good workout. Add a buy more weight ans it would be perfect.

Looks like they’re the same 1 lb gloves; the features say “Each glove gives you 1 lb. of extra resistance for faster shaping and toning of the upper body”.

Looks like this size is for 5’9"-6’2".
Exercise ball diameter Person’s height

45 cm 5’ and under
55 cm 5’1"– 5’8"
65 cm 5’9"– 6’2"
75 cm 6’3"– 6’7"
85 cm 6’8" and taller

I would love to get one of these as I have been working out for 2 years now… but storage is an issue… I live in a really small condo… not to mention the dimensions mentioned above seem to be too big for my height… I am 5’2". The weighted gloves have intrigued me though… wonder if I can incoporate them into my afternoon jogs while holding a semi frozen water bottle…

I bought this exercise ball (same brand, color, size) last time it was offered here and it’s exactly like the one I used when I was in physical therapy for back issues. I’m 5’6" and it’s just the right height for me to sit up straight with my feet flat on the ground. I haven’t actually tried the exercises from the DVD yet, so it might be a little big for that, but it’s perfect for doing the exercises I learned in PT. Also makes a good chair!

?Weight limit on the ball?

Looked through the description and the stats and didn’t see one listed.

It’s also an awesome tool to use with people with Autism/Aspergers. My son LOVES the ball we currently have and I have to fight him for it.

I am looking at getting a second to use as my office chair because I have been having back issues. I use the one at home when I work from there, and it helps tremendously!!

Per walmart’s listing, this is “burst-resistant,” which typically means it will [deflate slowly if punctured]( I need a burst) (instead of instantaneously like a popped latex balloon) to prevent injury to someone sitting on it. Some burst resistent balls support up to 300 lbs, others up to 600 lbs.

From Gaiam’s website:
"5. What is the weight limit on the balance balls?

Gaiam Balance Balls stability balls are appropriate for a body weight of up to 300 lbs."