The FIRM Weighted Gloves & Core Ball Kit



I got the weighted gloves & accompanying cd at the last woot. Ignoring the fact that the gloves look like they have a part of female anatomy attached to the back, I must say that they are very nice and give a good extra boost to the workout. The dvd is… not for beginners. Not for beginners at all. The lady was calling out “you’re looking good! keep it going!” and I’m jogging in place sobbing “I’m not looking good! I’m not looking good at all! You’re a liar, lady! You’re a liar!” Also, the video has a LOT of jumping around, so if you’ve got people living below you (aka apartment buildings) it might not be the best choice.


Check out these comments when this was last offered back in January


Best. Review. Ever. :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads-up about the video!


i bought this last time it was on Woot and the DVD on the Core Ball Kit didnt work. It froze up every time after 5 min, even after trying on another DVD player. Overall i think it was a good price for both sets though and i can use the ball with other workouts.


Sorry for the problems with the DVD. Did you contact our customer service for assistance?


The core ball is 65cm, which is the proper size for people between 5’5" and 5’11". It’s important to use a core stability ball that’s the right size for your height so that you work the proper muscles.

This is a really good deal if you’re the right height.


I wish woot offered different size options. I’ve been eying this same kit on Amazon, but this size is too big for me. :frowning:


The FIRM Weighted Gloves & Core Ball Kit - Price Comparison

Today’s WOOT! = $12.99 + $5 Shipping. ($17.99 Total Shipped)

WOOT! = $21.99 Less than ebay.

ebay = $39.98 + Ships Free

Using a Google search ebay was the only other vendor I could find (including “The Firm” home page) with this exact same kit.


Now that’s funny.




Quite a descriptive but somewhat awkward observation. lol


Is there a weight limit for the core ball?


THanks for pointing out the size. As a shorty this is no good for me. Good price though.


Is a little over 5’2 close enough for me to use this?


I’m 5’7" and the size is fine if you pump it up enough. The only problem is the ball is not a ball. It’s shaped like a potato and is horribly, horribly constructed.


It should have an “Anti-Burst” ball weight capacity of about 300lbs.


Ball not recommended for pretend sumo.




I bought the last time it was offered. Haven’t opened the DVD or the gloves but I am still very happy with it. My nieces and nephews love to sit, roll and bounce on it. That is a lot of entertainment for $12.99 despite their being shorter than the recommended size.

As for the ‘shaped like a potato’, the instructions say to fill it the first time and give it time to stretch and then fill it some more.

I am using it to strengthen my core and back and has really helped. I am ordering two this time for gifts.

I would say go for it for those on the fence.