The first ever woot


What was the firs woot ever?


I believe it was a Friendly Robotics RL500 Robomower that launched on July 12, 2004, but I can’t find a thread for it…


On July 16th, 2004 there was
TiVo Series 1 120 Hour Digital Video Recorder
When will the madness end??? 120GB TiVo Series 1 for $99!!!
$99.99 $5.00 S&H


Here’s a cached google page (<—click) on which Snapster posted:

"31 Aug 2004, 7:13 PM

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my first Woot Day was the Robomower on woot’s birthday… July 12th."

Heh, here’s a
cached google page of the first couple of weeks of woots(<—click) (available from the launch with the robomower to 25 July 04). Enjoy!

It’s sorta’ amusing to read some of the cached stuff and see how much things have changed.


I wouldn’t mind one of those. Can sombody talk to them and see if they can put up another DVR :slight_smile: