The First Years Potty Seat

… I LOL’d.

As a mom, at the price point, I’d consider getting one of these. I bought a “training seat” that sits on top of the potty for my son, and he’s all trained now, so the need’s just not there.

“Stand alone potty?” For the life of me I never understood why parents would want to train their kids to poop in a bucket.

That’s like training you dog to pee in a special corner of your carpet.

Train them to use the toilet, it’s where you want them to end up anyway.

I’ve seen cooler ones!!

Because you can’t leave a toddler unattended on a regular toilet? Because it take an hour to get a drop of pee out of a toddler and I have other things to do? Because I can’t move my regular toilet into the living room?

I’ve never heard of a child who had difficulty moving from a toddler potty to a regular potty who wouldn’t have had trouble with the regular potty regardless (i.e., some kids are afraid of the big toilet, but their fear is unrelated to whether they’ve used a toddler potty). Admittedly, I am not a child psychologist, but of all the concerns I hear from my adolescent patients and their parents, none of them are related to lingering trauma of moving from a toddler potty to a regular one. :slight_smile:

Who said anything about trauma? It’s just stupid to have something extra to clean out when you can use this: