The Floppy Disks

This shirt hits home! Still have some 8" disks in a closet. Well done, Fishbiscuit.

Actually it pictures a flippy disk. Floppies were the 7 1/4".

Actually, the disk picture is not a flippy. A flippy was a single side 5.25" disk that you flipped over to use the other side. It still is a floppy disk though. Flippy was more of a slang term.

source: I used to make my own flippies with a hole punch back in the day.

I don’t get the dates. Are they the first time anyone started thinking about them? They don’t quite seem to be the first year each one was released, and they are certainly not the year each one became obsolete. I took some CAD courses in 2004 and 3.5" floppies were still the norm.

Yes! My dad still has some old 8" I think. When I was a kid I thought the disc inside was an LP record.

Great design, FB! You seem to have taken us all back!

Normally the shirts I buy are for the men in my life, but this one is for me. I need this.

Good morning shirt.woot!

Our lawyers will be contacting your lawyers to discuss infringement.

I’m trying to figure the dates out as well. Of course if you were getting classes on them in 2004 that was an issue. At that point you should have been using a small USB or some some sort of Iomega drive.

I’m so excited this printed! Thanks for the votes and support. :slight_smile:

I researched the timeline of floppy disks and used this page as a reference for the dates. I have plenty of disks still sitting in a shoebox that I’m itching to use. :slight_smile:

Yea, I like this except for the dates. Clearly it’s the dates they were introduced and not when they were obsolete. If I have to research the dates to make sense of it, someone on the street definitely isn’t going to get it.

write up was awesome! been cleaning out my dad’s basement and have found all of these old media: dissertation on punchcard, check; data from earliest published paper on huge reels of magnetic tape, check; early bank simulation software on cassette, check; big floppies with digdug and olympic games on them (actually, these are mine), double check; and finally, my own stuff from high school on 5.25 floppies and early zip. if only i had a computer with a drive to read them. sigh.

Congrats Fishbiscuit!! I still love the retro look… and of course the subject matter is nostalgic;)

When my husband and I started dating, we emailed a lot. Our courtship of emails are all saved… on floppy disk. I didn’t realize I was that old…


yeah, I remember these as well.
I find it funny/ironic, that the floppy is still the “save” function icon in Windows! Lots of young people don’t get the reference (sort of like trying to explain ‘clockwise’…) SIGH

Yeah, *you’re old…

  • My wife and I had been married over 15 years before the termwas even commonly used …
    ** ** Double SIGH****

Yea, the dates don’t seem to match the “obsolete” tour label. It’s like a reunion tour tshirt having the date the band started.

I still have this if you want to borrow it for any 3.5" in your collection. We just need to find someone with a boot disk.


Also, if anyone wants to upgrade DOS, I’m your girl. :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t know why I still have all this stuff.

This shirt will be obsoloet tomorrow. (I’ll still wear it though)