The Food Preserving Storage Chamber

I was semi-close.

And we’re still going. SWEET!!

But not as perfect as mine :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this work with replicated food?


In for one, even though I have NO idea what this thing actually accomplishes, or if it even works. What can I say? I’m a gadget sucker.

Next is a TV!

How come it is empty?

This ISN’T the crap we wanted!

Yours was the opposite of perfect. BLOCKED.

Perfect for when you don’t want to preserve the entire Han Solo, just a body part.

I’ve found more things I want to buy on stumbleupon than in this woof-off

will it work on my Macintosh Apples?

Didn’t we do something like this already??

I want one if it makes SPAM taste better

Not Windows 7 compatible I assume.

brown zune coming next

Will this keep my mold fresh?