The Food Preserving Storage Chamber

well…vac u

Didn’t Michael Jackson sleep in one of these?

Nooooooooo not this again. Last wootoff it lasted for HOURS

I was the first sucker the last wootoff when they offered this thing, bought one. My expectations on it were quite low.

It’s FANTASTIC. We stuffed it full of bread,a nd it’s kept it soft and fresh for 3 weeks before it would go bad. Meanwhile, bread we left in its normal bag would go bad in less than a week. I can’t say enough good things about this thing. It pays for itself, easily.

As you can see, I’m first sucker on this one, too, because I’m in for 3 more. Gonna use one for fruits, one for miscellany and one as a gift. These things are awesome.

Bought two from the last woot-off and love them. Keeps bread soft and fresh tasting for weeks.

“… removes all the oxygen…”

Really? What about the oxygen in the H2O (water) that’s a large part of most foods?

How about putting something GOOD on Woot for a change? What GARBAGE Woot has been putting up for sale.

These things are great! This is my second set of 3. Fruit lasts 10 times longer than sitting on the counter. Well, at least way longer!

I bet it will keep a bunch of iPhones fresh for weeks too! :smiley:

Not a lot of info online… except for the last woot off! looks like it is going down, maybe they only had a few left =)

What happens when you put a marshmallow in it?

It will IMPLODE.

Cant argue with these solid reviews from the people who bought em last time. I’m in for 3, I’ll use em for gifts and keep one for me.

You know nothing about elements and how molecules work.

Well, then explain it to me.

All I know is what I read, and this product’s description says that it “removes all the oxygen”. Not all the free oxygen, not all the molecular oxygen, but all the oxygen.

That’s a neat trick, mind you, and if it’s a true claim, makes this device worth a whole lot more than $15. But of course, it’s not true, is it?

Reminds me of a friend’s wife long ago, who claimed she bought a particular dog food because there were “absolutely no chemicals in it!” Riiiiight. Perfect vacuum in the bag?

Elements bound to other elements have completely different chemical properties than by themselves. Chlorine is a poisonous gas, sodium explodes on contact with water. NaCl (sodium chloride) is table salt and is necessary for animals to live.

The elemental oxygen in water cannot break free of its bond with the hydrogen in a normal environment, thus causes no harm to the food contained within the device. They are referring to removing oxygen gas (O2) which causes oxidization, not oxygen as an element, which does not if bonded to other elements.

Of course the device would not create a true vacuum, within the chamber (impossible). The phrase “creates a vacuum” refers to the pump sucking out some of the air and reducing the pressure, just like vacuum cleaners do.

bought 2 last time and it’s kept the fruit fresh longer. only negative is how noisy the motor is while it’s creating the vacuum after turning on the power.

i have a 2nd one, i’ll definitely use it for bread after reading everyone’s comments. thanks all

Actually, no, it will expand - just the opposite.

Sure. But it doesn’t say that it removes the oxygen gas, it says it “removes all of the oxygen inside the box”. [emphasis mine] Perhaps you and the manufacturer have a lower standard for “all” than the dictionaries I’m familiar with do?

It bugs me when people say things that are obviously not true.