The journey that has come before:

The Land of the Misfits…

You, Dork! (Land of the Misfits II)

In the Garden of Dorky Delights: The Land of the Misfits III

[i] Lost in the Labyrinth: The Land of the Misfits IV[/i]

[i]Misfit Manor: The Land of the Misfits V [/i]

[i]Lingering in Space: The Land of the Misfits VI[/i]

[i]Stirring in the Swamp: The Land of the Misfits VII[/i]

[i]Whispering Secrets to the Stars and Sky: The Land of the Misfits VIII[/i]

[i]Summoned by the Sea: The Land of the Misfits IX[/i]

[i]“He Hath Given His Empire Up to a Whore” - The Land of the Misfits X[/i]

[i]The Footpath Beyond the Briars: The Land of the Misfits XI[/i]

GENERAL NOTE: [i]This thread, generally, is not a “light topic/passive” thread.

I don’t think the posters that frequent misfits are exclusionary, but there are several that know one another well (or as well as one could know someone over the internet anyhow). If you are fine with letting us get to that level with you, it will most likely be reciprocated. If you are thin-skinned or don’t appreciate acerbic/dark humor, this thread will not be for you.

I consider the posters that visit this thread - friends, supporters and intellects. I feel fortunate to have them post here. If you are a poster that has a different agenda that significantly alters the atmosphere/community that we have so carefully created here, it would be a universal loss.

With that said, please feel free to post photos and ideas that inspire, things that contort and challenge conventional thinking. (Remember to use imageshack or photobucket to avoid “leeching.”)[/i]

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Thanks for starting a new thread, KT.

Lady Poof,
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I don’t consider that a post. More like a prologue.

I’d like to stay as well. May, I? I’ve used hand-sanitizer and promise not to bring any germs into this thread.

OK, thanks, Lady Poof, I’ll take it!

Absolutely…especially if you are a misfit…and enjoy wandering…and wondering.

I must confess when I read “krapposelli’s” screen name, I read it as “crap-so-deli.” No idea why. Kinda like I have no idea why D’Name says “Quirky” for “Qwerty.” Think of it as an endearment…

Wow!! Misfits EX-EYE !!!

Wunnerful place!!!

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Still beats krappy. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah? Prove it.

I only know one word for snow.

Mr. Star,
What words for snow don’t you know?

Good morni…afternoon all. Hope the day finds you well.


PM for v8r.

How’s the family doing? Did you explain it to your son and is he doing okay? Do you want me to just shut up so you don’t have to think about it and answer any questions?