The Formula For Success

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The Formula For Success
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Somebody spilled shirt.woot all over the Woot main site. Can we get a clean up in aisle 8 please?

This could… Take awhile…

People are buying, it’s just the end of the woot-off.

so this is how it ends… eh?


It totally said it was sold out for a second lol.

Gonna put this here just in case:

Oh, and as always please consider following the link in my signature line to 5K I’m running in honor of my mom. Every little donation helps.


Haha I had just clicked the link before you wrote that.

Well, if it’s the end, I’ll do my part, too:



At first I thought it was the Meaning of Life, but I was WRONG.
It’s DEATH…of the Woot-Off.

BoC obviously waits in the wings. Be ready

If I said it once, I’ve said it a million times. OK, so maybe I did say it a million times, today.
Tank tops, please.

I would buy this, on a tank top.

I assume no BOC’s tonight… :frowning:

no boc in the future.