The Formula For Success

[youtube=nUkHkCkNINM] [/youtube]


Sheldon FTW

An interesting spin on a dusty old nutshell.


way geekier than the one at thinkgeek. love it!

wait a minute. that’s the formula for cookies, not success. although, cookies are a form of success.

Not good at math or memes. No thanks.

Nope, don’t like it…oh wait…Bazinga! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job making it blue, it really looks nice, definitely goes with the site colors. Because the original shirt is red, so nice contrast. I really enjoy the usual thunderbolt under the equation. Overall, this is an awesome t-shirt and I got it…mostly because I’m not spending money on a real Bazinga! shirt and 2: This is from shirt.Woot so it’s totally better…no shipping…okay, bedtime.


As an English major I find this shirt highly offensive. Not everyone enjoys math Woot! Lit. nerds have feelings too. Oh sure, we may look like hipsters and losers as we sit there, alone, reading our stack of Shakespeare and Tolkien novels, but we have feelings too.

What symbol is the “B” supposed to be? Isn’t that German for a double “S”?

I don’t sprechen zie math.

I watch both of them.

Sorry woot, I’m not really into the overload of pop culture shirts that are being offered up lately.

Not that I’m saying artsy stuff has to be the only thing you ever print. Just it feels like there has been an overkill on it for the past few weeks.


Maybe it just seems that way. I dunno…

YES! But I love BBT too. Thank God for DVR’s.

bah-zinga…I like the shirt, but the too easy bazinga laughs were the dark path to lessening comic excellence. Also, flesh tone (one of the beiger of the vast variety of skin tone options) seems an odd color for ink choice.

Oh Woot, you once again fell for one of my classic pranks!

Yes, it’s an eszett. Not sure why it’s making an appearance in a mathematical formula.ß

The write-up…how has…no one…the write up! It’s…so… ∑ awe !

(P.S. That’s awesome for anyone who’s wondering).
(P.P.S. Technically that lists the sum of awe factorialized, but we’ll pretend the ‘!’ is a punctuation mark for now.)