The Gardener Pinot Gris & Pinot Blanc (6)

The Gardener Carneros Pinot Gris & Pinot Blanc 6-Pack
$99.99 $174.00 43% off List Price
2013 The Gardener Pinot Gris, Carneros
2013 The Gardener Pinot Blanc, Carneros
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Dove in blind on an order here, but it seems like a safe bet.

Sinskey-grown fruit, small production bottlings, correct stats, and a nice story.

When I’m undecided about an unknown CA winery, I see if Jon Bonne mentioned them in “New California Wine.” Horse and Plow got a cool shoutout - making this a buy.

Interested but the price is a bit more than I’m willing to take a flyer on.

We’ve had the Grass Cutter and now The Gardener. I’m holding out for the Tree Trimmer Red. :tongue: