The Gathering Of D.I.Y

A number of these particular plus sales are giving me a redirect loop error in Google Chrome… you may want to take a look at that.

Same here.

hello, the following URLS are not redirecting properly but changing “offers” to “Plus” in the address seems to work.

these 2 also have a redirect problem but the "“offers” to “Plus” trick dont work

They are accessible from tools.woot if needed.

“plus” (not “Plus”) replacing “offers” works for:

But the water things still doesn’t work.

Same with Firefox.

I’m checking in on it, you guys.

Thanks. 'Cause once you fix it, I’m totally going to buy all the things.

Bad links for more than four (4) hours & no fix…

Keep up the great work woot!

It seems like everything’s definitely fixed now, so please buy away!

Everything. Lowe’s. Cheaper.