the girl & the fig Cookbook + Condiments

I want the book, who want’s the condiments?
< $7 delivered.

Visited the Fig numerous times and enjoyed each and every visit.

Darn, I love the Girl & the Fig. Great place for sitting on the patio and enjoying some food with friends.

Might have to buy this, just so I can see how they make some of my favorites. Then again, it’ll probably just gather dust on my shelf…

ooh i was thinking about the condiments but not the cookbook! where are you located?

Too late – based on his post, he bought the book on Amazon already. For cheap.

San Diego, but InFrom correctly read my post. I’ve got an abundance of condiments as is, but being so far away can’t get enough of fig-food.

Book arrived.
Price on the jacket is $48.
It’s absolutely beautiful.
Just spent nearly an hour with SWMBO (undergoing chemo) browsing it and even she got hungry.
Wonderful pics and nearly all of the recipes make you salivate; many I’ve had while visiting.

Highly recommend, and the included foodstuffs are just an extra.