The Good Sheets!



It’d be great to see some California King sheets for sale once in a while. Can you try to do that for us, Woot?


The 400TC Damask Stripe sheet have Cal King.


Picked up the 400TC Damask last time, and I gotta say I’m liking them, especially at that price. In for another set.


Thanks! Guess I was too lazy to click through each of them.


Would buy if had 4 pillow cases. Wondering why that’s still such a rarity in sheet sets these days when every bed I see has more than two pillows.


Dang, the bamboo ones are expensive. I have some bamboo sheets from Target that I adore, but they were less than half the price. Anyone have experience with these & know whether they are $120 dollars’ worth of amazing?


I don’t have experience with them, but apparently these sheets sell for quite a lot elsewhere. Yikes! I can’t swear that these are the same sheets, but it’s the same picture at least.

About $375 if the pieces were all available. Note the price ranges you see at the top of the page refer to each of the separate pieces, not a set.



I have 2 sets of the damask sheets in a dark brown color, they are soft and more comfortable than a lot of sheets with thread counts in the 600-800’s. I’ve had them for a few years now, and with switching them out and washing every 2-3 weeks there has been no pilling, shrinking, or fading of any kind. The pillow cases have taken a beating, my husband (who doesn’t shave every day) does this weird thing in his sleep where he rubs his face really fast back and forth on the pillow while he’s on his stomach, lol. So guys, you can sand your pillow with your rugged face and the case will still look great and be very soft.
I’d buy some more, but we have a full size bed. ( ._.)


Got the damask in Cal King in taupe last time these were up. The thing that nearly put me off was the smell of them when they were just unpackaged and even after they were washed twice on delicate, like the directions state to do. I finally dried them - but they still smelled awful, just a little less intensely so. I then washed them a third time on normal agitation, and that seemed to take the rest of the smell out. I haven’t had an opportunity to actually put them on the bed as yet, but they seem a little thin to me - although they also feel soft and silky, so they should be very nice to sleep on.


250 tc is low. good thread counts start at 450. i myself buy 600 plus counts. improve your quality and i’ll buy.


Hey California King person - I don’t know how you feel about Ecru, but…


I love the bamboo sheets I got over a year ago from here:

Not bad for King size bamboo sheets for under 100 bucks. Sadly the ones on woot seem a bit overpriced.


$120 for 250 thread count? HAHAHAHA


Not sure what the big deal is about rayon from bamboo… its still just rayon, as explained here:

Rayon Wiki



The wiki says it quite a bit stronger:

“In early 2010, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission warned several retailers that six major manufacturers were falsely labeling rayon products as “bamboo”, in order to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. While rayon may be produced with bamboo as a raw material, and the two may be used for similar fabrics (though natural bamboo is not as smooth), rayon is so far removed from bamboo by chemical processing that the two are entirely separate.[13]”


You really have to consider fiber length and whether it’s single-ply or multi-ply thread before dismissing based solely on thread count. If this is long-fiber, single-ply thread, the sheets might be amazing. More information here.