The Good, The Bag & The Crappy

Damn, I couldn’t get signed in.

They must have felt bad and had a lot at the end cuz I finally got one!!! Been trying since the beginning of wootsquatch haha

Oh Thank You! Oh Thank You! I can finally go to sleep… ZZZZZZZZZ!


My 2nd Bag of crap.

same here. and i logged in within 10 minutes, too!

Hit add to cart at 37% and then is was gone! NOOOOOOOO!


Yep - The Amazon sign-on got me.
What a rotten hangup. I used to *Always check that I was logged in…

I’m in shock. I’ve been online and jumped right on all the others that have been posted in the last two days and missed out on every single one due to load time issues. I almost didn’t try on this one because I figured it’d be the same and I’d just get mad. BUT, I SNAGGED ONE AFTER ALL!!! Yay! I’m in love with Woot again. I hope it’s as good as the one I got from Meh!

Not getting the bag wouldn’t annoy me this time around if it weren’t for the fact that I keep getting stopped and asked to sign in again with my password every time I buy something. I mean, it happens regardless if I am buying on here or on Shirt.Woot. I dunno, maybe that just is supposed to happen?

So they had what 20 of these?.. meh

Crap. Almost got one. Very exciting there for a miunte. :frowning:

Congrats to you!

Congrats to you!

swing and a miss…

I hit add to cart at like 90 something but it’s already too late when you can’t log in.

added to cart but could not proceed to checkout. I should not have hit refresh.

WTFFML!!! I was primed and ready for this!!! Waiting for it, signed in to 2 browsers, finger on the trigger!!! Added to cart and sold out by the time I got to checkout!!! MF MF MF MF!!!

Nooooo! Finally saw one live proceed to checkout button… And … And… It’s gone.

This is the first time I couldn’t even get to the antichamber on two different attempts.