The Gourmet

Ah, penguins. I think I missed them.

Oh, that’s fresh baby! Congrats spiritgreen!

Are the penguins’ chopsticks narwhal horns then?

Cute penguins, they are right up there with cat shirts.

Penguins are always funny. There are no exceptions.

Even when they’re acting like jerks.

That’s to funny :slight_smile:

Penguins ordering bento boxes??? Must be Amazon!!!

I saw pacman in the penguin’s cheeks and now I can’t see anything else.

I miss sushi.

And now you’ve probably ruined those cheeks for everyone that reads your post. Thanks. :tongue:

That penguin is quite skilled, using chopsticks with no thumbs.

Congratulations on the first print Spiritgreen. With quality like this there’s sure to be more to come :wink:

Another truth in advertising in the artist bio, courtesy of shirt.woot! Let me guess … written by Joe Isuzu?

Congrats, SG!

(Disclaimer: personally has 26(?) different SG designs from Woot, GoodJoe, TeeTurtle, and TeeFury).

IDK, someone really should teach that penguin to use chopsticks properly. They shouldn’t be crossing, it makes it harder to pick up food.

Penguins! Penguins with the smarts to steal sushi from unwary tourists. Sly sushi stealers!

Alright! Now I can pay my sushi bill and those big jerks with the tattoos won’t feed me to their lionfish. Or maybe I’ll just try the new place, they can’t stay mad forever.

Thanks everybody!

Yay! Congrats Spiritgreen!

Come here, penguin! Look what Uncle Ed’s got for you.

Grats Matt! There’s always room for classy penguins… :slight_smile: